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Who is it for

It is for sport clubs like Boston Red Sox, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, LA Lakers, New England Patriots, NY Rangers or Formula 1 team. And it is for sporting organisations like FIFA, UEFA, NBA, FIBA, FIS, NFL, NHL. And for sportswear companies like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Rebook. Or for global sporting events like Wimbledon, US Open, World Cup, Olympics. Or for global celebrities like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant.

They are all organising giveaways on regular basis, and are in need for a trusted tool to keep expenses low, and satisfied supporters rate high. Also, they have daily inquiries for various gifs, tickets and sport items.

Fun and Simple. Yet Powerful

You know you want to have added value to your brand(s). And to save money and to grow supporters base. You want an elegant and simple way to organise a giveaway or send a gift anywhere in the world. And you want to do it in an organised, hassle- free way, secure and affordable in the same time. Your supporters and followers around the world love giveaways and want to participate. If only the giveaway process was easier and more fun? Well, it is now.

Revenue Stream

Giveaways can be an important revenue stream for every club and organisation. Use giveaways to attract more customers to your webstore.


Use our platform for general brand awareness and/or as additional channel for users' engagement.

Global Reach

Scorrers platform is ready for global market. Doesn't matter where your fans are, there are all reachable and available to interact.

Charity options

Use our charity options to become a socialy responsible company. Set up cherity giveaways in a minutes.

User Satisfaction

The giveaway process is transparent, fair, simple, powerful and open to all. Users are engaged and delighted.

Save time and money

Offer a service or product without having to invest in creating the technology and infrastructure from the scratch.

Gifts & Tickets

Offer additional services like eTickets for better, faster and safer tickets sale, promotion and distribution.


Our platform is a bullet-proof safe. Still, you will enjoy 24/7/365 support and dedicated team for all your inquiries, just in case.

Free trial

Fans and supporters all over the world already has used over 11 million tickets in the giveaways on Scorrers platform. Because Scorrers platform is prooven, simple, scalable, secure, and fun. We have a free trial period for new clients so there is no excuse for not give it a try. Let's talk what Scorrers can do for you.

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