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for participating in the Scorrers giveaways

Scorrers is a global giveaway platform, providing tools and allowing for public persons to give something back to their fans, followers, friends and supporters.

Scorers is publishing all the information in good faith but can not guarantee the veracity of all the information provided by the third party.

Participations in the giveaways is free for all sides. There is no hidden fees or extra charges for entering any giveaway.

Participants use tickets to enter giveaways. One ticket is worth 5 in-app credits (CRD - Scorrers currency).

Credits can be earned either by inviting other users, or by sharing giveaways across social networks.

Any user may enter any number of giveaways as many times as they want.

Winner will be selected through the draw - which uses classic random computer number generator. No person is involved in the process of the draw.

The draw will be broadcasted live in Scorrers app for all participants to watch. And can be replayed later on, on demand.

Scorrers team will contact the winner and arrange the handover of the giveaway.

Digital deliveries will be emailed to the winners in 24h time period. Other items will be mailed to their winners in 72h timeframe.

Deliveries may take as long as 30 days or more. We do not have influence on delivering companies.

No other compensations and / or exchange of gifts or money will be allowed.

Winner status is not transferable to others. If winner is prevented to receive the gift, the gift will be returned to the owner.

Users without confirmed emails will not receive prizes. User may enter any giveaway but they will not receive the prizes if they do not have confirmed email addresses. So, confirmed email is essential for winning.

Any misuse of the platform, like opening a multiple accounts, with different and non-valid email addresses will be sanctioned. Winners with those email addresses will not receive prizes as well.