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What is Scorrers?

Scorrers is a global giveaway and gift platform. Publish a giveaway in 60 sec or less. Or send a gift to family, friends or supporters in even less time.

Sports clubs, businesses and celebrities all over the world are organising a thousands of giveaways every day and sending gifts along the way. It is a painful and tedious process. And expensive too. They are organising a variety of non-app games, competitions and lotteries but none have the proposed critical mass, appeal, data tracking or cost- effectiveness of Scorrers.

Scorrers solves this problem by introducing a useful, simple, open, secure, powerful, transparent and affordable platform.

And our platform allows you to solve another problem. Distribution of tickets intended for your partners, celebrity’s friends and families. Clubs and celebrities can send any number of tickets or gifts s to any number of their friends in simple, quick and safe way. Both options, giveaways and the gift deliveries can be used in commercial or the goodwill purposes.

White Label

White Label enables organizations and sports clubs to have a real branded giveaways for their supporters and fans. White label giveaways will produce more satisfied and more loyal supporters and customers.

Why Choose White Label?

Pro tools

It's a quick, simple, transparent and powerful option for serious giveaways.

Establish relations

It is cost-effective and gives more freedom and control in any giveaway process.

Add value

It's valuable and beneficial. Turn your social media activities into a productive branding.
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