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Remind the world that life is made of small, beautiful and free moments, ideas and things. And to create value out of little inspiring moments from people that are good and excel at their field.
Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first. This famous quote from Simon Sinek is taken seriously here at Scorrers. We love our company and want it to be the best in what we do. The best giveaway platform which is truly global, simple, fair and powerful.
We want for our ideas to make a difference. We cannot change the world order, but we can help, inspire and contribute to the world with more joy, more beauty, and more entertainment for everybody. In short, we want to spread the joy accross the world.

Our Team

Professional footballer

FC Barcelona midfielder. Won the Champions League and the Europa League.

Ivan Rakitic


Founder and co-owner of several succesful sport related startups.

Ivan Ilecic
Founder & CEO

Business Angel

Hardcore businessman, investor, technology freak and succesful entrepeneur.

Hrvoje Prpic
Technology Advisor / Partner


Award winning digital designer, internet guru, and technology enthusiast.

Nenad Papic
Lead Designer / Partner

Investment Manager

Contractor for Discretionary Fund, Wealth and Investment Management.

Stephen Ashurst
Company Admin / Partner


Passionate developer and technology enthusiast.

Filip Duvnjak
Head of Development

What people say?

Superb features! Strengthning the bond,very interesting. Just started using it and already impressed with the way it works.

Gary Harold, UK

What people say?

Cool. I really like this one. Features and the way it works is just amazing and wonderful.

Anis Rashid, India

What people say?

Great App Giveaways of famous people - thats a cool thing!

Goldene Umberto, Italia

About Scorrers App


With just one click, celebrities can reach out to millions of their fans and followers. Social network followers grow for each club and celebrity.

Simple Yet Elegant

Allows celebrities to post giveaways on the platform in a matter of minutes. It’s a once-and-done task. Less effort required than an Instagram post.

Gold Dust

Giveaways include match and concert eTickets, signed jerseys, boots, other items and more. Free gifts from stars to fans and followers.
It's new, unique and game-changing app. And it's free!
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