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What is Scorrers?

Scorrers is a global giveaway platform. Offering celebrities, public persons, sports clubs, organisations or businesses of any size to maintain and expand their fans and followers base. Giveaways boosts the interaction on social networks, as well as on other websites and webstores. Leading to increased revenues and/or better results from all marketing activities. Including but not limited to boosts in brand awarness, brand recognition, PR results, etc.
We have shown Scorrers to many celebrities and they all agree that Scorrers is a useful, simple, fair, powerful and unique app. Scorrers has already made an impact in the giveaway industry fixing the issues that affect celebrity giveaways today.

Scorrers truly is a unique and game-changing app. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are using Scorrers.

White Label

White Label enables organizations and sports clubs to have a real branded giveaways for their supporters and fans. White label giveaways will produce more satisfied and more loyal supporters and customers.

Why Choose White Label?

Pro tools

It's a quick, simple, transparent and powerful option for serious giveaways.

Establish relations

It is cost-effective and gives more freedom and control in any giveaway process.

Add value

It's valuable and beneficial. Turn your social media activities into a productive branding.
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