What is Scorrers?

Scorrers is an official celebrity giveaway platform. It allows celebrities and public persons to maintain and expand their relationship with their fans and followers around the world. And at the same time enables fans and followers to receive exclusive and precious gifts from their idols and role models. The Scorrers app is totally free for everyone.

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are using Scorrers.

Who is it for?




Scorrers is for every celebrity, VIP, famous and public person who wants to deepen the relationship with their friends and followers. Who wants to give something back to their loyal fans. Scorrers is also for everyone who would like to be closer to their idols and role models. It’s not just about souvenirs. It’s about buiding your relationship with the celebrities. It's about excitement, joy and finding good in people!


Various screens from the app.

Get in touch!

If you are a celebrity, well known individual or athlete, successful entrepreneur and/or expert, famous or public person of any kind, or company dealing with such people, leave us a message. We will contact you to discuss details.


For support and questions about the app, please use our official support channel: facebook.com/scorrers.




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